Accessibility Update for Past Clients

Accessibility means ensuring your website is accessible to all people, including those with disabilities or impairments. And lately, bloggers are becoming more conscious of their own site’s accessibility and taking measures to improve it.

But web accessibility can be a confusing issue. There’s a lot of gray area, seeing as there are no defined, up to date laws when it comes to making a website accessible; however, there are a set of widely accepted guidelines that one can follow to ensure everyone is able to access your website.

As more and more of our clients push for improved accessibility on their sites, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to learn as much as we can about these issues, and how they relate to blog designs in particular, in order to help our clients meet the basic guidelines for accessibility.

Web standards change so rapidly, so chances are that after a few years, your custom site is probably outdated in one way or another. For that reason we recommend reaching out to us for an update every few years (even if we’re not making any visual changes, we can still go in and clean things up under the hood so to speak). We always make ourselves available to past clients for these kinds of updates.

With that in mind, and because our clients have been asking for these kinds of changes, we’re setting aside blocks of time in our calendar just for accessibility concerns.

If you sign up for this service, we will:

  • Review your site and run a WAVE accessibility report for your site, both your homepage and a sample post page.
  • Update and fix any errors related to the theme, including: color contrast errors, font size warnings, missing field label and empty link warnings, and theme-related alt-tag warnings.
  • Ensure basic keyboard navigation is functional (using just the keyboard you should be able to get to almost every link on a page – note this does NOT include pages within dropdown menus which is a significantly more complex process). We’ll also add a ‘skip to content’ link for keyboard navigational users.

Please note these updates do not include:

  • Alt-tag issues within post content (this is your responsibility)
  • Ad or plugin-related issues (if we find any we’ll let you know, however we’re not able to fix anything related to plugins)
  • Any visual design changes other than what is directly related to the WAVE report results (like font size or color). Any additional changes will be billed at our standard hourly rate and dependent on our current schedule and workload.

Estimated cost for a basic accessibility update is $150-$250, to be billed upon completion. We anticipate that most sites will fall within this range, with older sites falling on the higher side. If we come across any larger issues that may need additional attention we will let you know before proceeding with additional hours.

Please note this service is for past Purr Design clients ONLY. We are not currently available to make accessibility updates or other changes on sites we did not originally design.

Sign up for a time slot

Please complete the form below and select a date for your accessibility updates. Please be sure to send up to date login information so we can access your site when it comes time to customize. If you’re currently in the queue for other site updates or a design refresh, no need to book a date – we can tackle any accessibility concerns at the same time as your other updates… just ask!

Accessibility Update

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    If your site is hosted with Flywheel I don’t need FTP, just be sure I am listed as a contributor to your site. 🙂

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