Delicious design that’s good enough to eat.

We’re a full-service design studio specializing in WordPress blog design for creatives and entrepreneurs.

While we have a soft spot for food blog design, we regularly work with all genres of bloggers, small businesses and creative individuals.

WordPress Website Design

priced based on features/functionality
project average $4,000—$7,000

Whether you’re starting from scratch or redesigning an existing site, we’ll design and code a fully custom, mobile-ready WordPress design from the ground up to perfectly suit your unique needs and personal style.

Rather than work with a clunky framework that, chances are, has many fancy and frivolous features you don’t really need, we opt to code our sites from scratch, so you get exactly what you need and nothing extraneous slowing things down.

We’ll work with you to determine the ideal layout for your homepage and optimal navigation structure so your users can easily find what they’re looking for, and wrap it all up into a beautiful, functional website design.

For more information about what is possible with your new WordPress website, please check out our article on WordPress Blogs: Endless Possibilities.

Logo Design

starting at $800

Your brand starts with a visually distinctive logo, and it involves way more than just picking a font. We spend time designing a strong logo that will represent you and your brand in a variety of media, because we all know a cohesive brand involves everything from a well-designed logo to business cards to packaging, within an overarching visual theme to enhance your brand and stand out in the minds of your customers.

Please note that we don’t currently offer standalone logo design services separately from website design; we find they are best done as a package deal, where we can fully define your brand’s look and feel beyond just the logo.

Add-On Design Services

As you continue to grow your business, you’ll realize that a brand goes far beyond just your website. From business cards to ebooks, packaging to print collateral, just tell us what you need and chances are, we can design it.

While we don’t currently offer a la carte design services, we are able to handle a wide variety of design work for our website design clients, including:

  • Business cards & print collateral
  • Ebook design
  • Media kit design
  • Mailchimp template design
  • Banners, promotions and other graphics

Need something that’s not listed? Get in touch. Chances are we can make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my project cost?

Every project is different, and costs will vary depending on your needs and requirements, but for reference, our web design projects average around $4,000-$7,000. For a more precise cost estimate, please fill out our quote request form and let us know a little more about what you’re looking for.

When will you be able to start my project?

We take pride in being able to fully dedicate ourselves to each and every project, so we only take on a limited number of projects at a time. We have a waiting list from which we book all our projects on a first-come-first-serve basis.

To sign up for our waiting list, please first fill out our quote request form and tell us a bit more about your project. Once we’re sure we’re a good fit, then we’ll send you a link to sign up for the waiting list.

Periodically we close off our waiting list (usually when it gets to about 12 months out) as we do not feel comfortable having people wait quite so long without any sort of confirmation or discussion to even see if we’re a good fit for a project. Please keep an eye on our work with us page as well as our facebook page for updates on the status of our list.

How long will it take?

Again, this depends on your unique project, but on average projects take around 6-8 weeks from start to finish. We’ll define specific dates for project milestones in your contract so we can stay on track. Keep in mind that these deadlines are dependent on your diligence in responding to our inquiries and getting materials to us in a timely manner.

Do you require a deposit before starting my project?

We require a 30% deposit along with a signed contract before starting any work on your project. The amount of the deposit will be determined by your total project cost.

The remaining balance will be split into two payments, with 40% due midway through the project and the remaining 30% due prior to launch.

We accept all major credit cards (preferred), but will also take PayPal and checks and even bank deposits for international clients. We’re very flexible with our payment terms and methods, so just let us know what works for you and chances are we’ll be able to accommodate you.

Do you only work with food blogs?

The majority of our current clientele happen to be food bloggers (since we’re food bloggers ourselves, we’re very involved in the food blog community and have a unique understanding of their design needs). That said, we work with bloggers of all types and genres! If you like our work and think our design style fits with your aesthetic needs, definitely get in touch as we’d love to work with you. 🙂

What software do you use for blogs?

For blogs, we work exclusively with WordPress. If you’ve currently got a blog at blogger/typepad/etc. and are interested in moving it to WordPress, we’re happy to help you move your content and make the transition (you won’t regret it, we promise!)

Do you do ecommerce sites or shops?

No, we do not currently offer ecommerce services, nor do we work with WooCommerce at this time. If the primary focus of your site is ecommerce, or if WooCommerce is a critical part of your project, we recommend seeking out a designer who specializes in ecommerce/WooCommerce specifically.

For non-ecommerce sites that want to sell a few products on the side, we typically recommend offloading ecommerce functionality to a 3rd party platform like Shopify or Gumroad. We can either link out to a storefront, or create a landing page with embedded buy buttons within WordPress, but the actual checkout/order process would take place through the 3rd party.

If you want an affiliate ‘shop’ type page with links to products on 3rd party sites, we have some great custom options to help you leverage affiliate income.

Do you work with Genesis/Thesis/[Insert Framework Name Here]?

All of our sites are custom coded from scratch; we do not work with any existing themes or theme frameworks at this time.

The reason for this is we find frameworks are full of ‘extra’ features, most of which you may never need. This tends to make sites run more slowly and less efficiently overall.

Instead, we code all our sites from the ground up, with just the features and functionality you need and nothing more. This results in a clean and efficient website.

How does the design process work?

Once we’ve worked out the scope of your project, we start with a series of mockup designs showing you a static preview of what your homepage will look like, both on desktop as well as mobile devices. You’ll get a chance to make revisions at this stage. Then, we’ll move to the production phase where we code the design on a temporary ‘staging’ environment so you’ll be able to preview the final coded site without affecting your live site.

The final launch will be scheduled for a 2 to 3 hour window (during normal business hours) during which time your live site will be down temporarily while we move the design into place, but we try to make downtime as minimal as possible.

We will always keep you up-to-date on progress and involve you every step of the way, so you know where your project stands at any given time.

How do you handle future updates/upgrades?

Since our designs are fully custom and we don’t use any theme frameworks, that means there won’t be any automatic updates to your theme in the future, so you don’t have to worry about a theme update breaking your site or overwriting customizations.

That said, we do recommend coming back to us every couple of years for a refresher, both under the hood—updating the site code, reviewing plugins, etc—as well as visually (after a few years chances are you might be ready for a fresh look anyway!)

We’re always available to our web design clients should any issues arise with their site after launching, and we always leave room in our calendar for our existing clients wanting small updates and larger redesigns, just get in touch and we can give you a specific estimate as far as timeline/cost.

Can we discuss my project over the phone?

Sure. However (and that’s a big, important HOWEVER), we insist on having all details/specifics regarding projects in writing as well. Since it may be a few months before we actually get started on your project, we need this ‘paper trail’ for our own record to ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Once we get started on your project we utilize a project management system to better organize all the correspondence relating to the project.

I just need a few changes to my site. Can you work with my existing theme?

At this time we’re not able to make modifications or updates to sites we didn’t initially design/code. If we’re the ones who originally built your site (glad to have you back!) then definitely get in touch! Small changes to your site will simply be billed at an hourly rate.

Do you offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services?

We take a user-focused approach to SEO, designing for the user first and foremost. If your readers can easily navigate your content, it follows that Google will be able to, too.

We’ve found WordPress to be very SEO friendly out of the box, and in combination with a good SEO plugin and a well designed theme, you’ve already got all the tools you need. All of our sites are coded to the current web standards, with the proper markup and clean code that you need for a solid, SEO-ready foundation. But it’s YOUR content that matters most, and that part is up to you!

So while we certainly keep best SEO practices in mind when designing and coding, SEO optimization isn’t a specific service we offer at this time.

This all sounds great! How do we get started?

Fill out our quote request form and we’ll go from there!